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3D modeling for 3D printing

You have a great idea about a product and you would like to see it then is 3D printing the solution. But you do not have any knowledge how to create a 3D file which can be used for the 3D printing.

In this case I can help you, I can create a 3D file which will first visualize your idea.


I can support you in two ways:


OPTION 01: I sent you the 3D file and you select a supplier for your printing by yourself.

OPTION 02: After I have created the 3D file I realize the 3D printing for you.


Efficient design training

Each customer wants to receive his concept by the day after or earlier. In this case it is very important to design in the most efficient way. Due to my many years of experience in this field I can organize a training to teach small tricks to increase your speed to finalize the design within the shortest time possible.

Administration / design

Time is going fast, and administration keep piling up! Jobs such as uploading document / models, converting old hand drawn drawings to a digital format with associated 3D models etc.

In this case I can offer to support you in this actions which will allow you to finish your current project in a proper way and to keep you concentrated on your next opportunity.



Engineering Design & Development support


Many successful companies experience a work overload during their growth. For these companies I would like to offer my services to overcome this period. Due to the many years that I worked in the engineering world I have gained many engineering, design and development skills. These skills can be a great asset for you during the time that you are facing the overload.


OPTION 01: Using my own laptop and software.

OPTION 02: Using your laptop and software.

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